Today, we are all being asked to do more to improve the environmental issues facing us today.  Enex fully understands that this is not done by any single action, by one person or by one company, but rather by long term, sustained initiatives from all of us.  We’re trying to do our part.

Here’s what we’re doing:

Environmentally Friendly Products

We use and sell environmentally friendly products including Bio-Fuels, Bio-Degradable Lubricants, and the super-safe Vilco Furnace Oil tank


We use and sell technologically advanced products and services including continuing investment in new, fuel-efficient delivery trucks, Diesel Exhaust Fluid and high efficiency furnaces and hot water tanks


We actively encourage recycling activities in all of our operations and assist customers recycle used oil


We determine and consider the environmental impact of all new initiatives we undertake


We constantly plan and implement with a focus on reducing emissions, waste, and energy


We share what is working, seek understanding and are always looking for a better way

At the end of day, we all call Vancouver Island home and we take great pride in caring for this wonderful place in the world.