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Enex Fuels is one of Vancouver Island’s leading fuel and lubricant suppliers for over 40 years. Enex Fuels is the exclusive wholesale branded distributor of Esso Fuels and Mobil Lubricants on Vancouver Island – both well-recognized and trusted brands. Enex offers a wide variety of petroleum products and services to meet the fuel and lubricant needs of residential and commercial customers across the island.

We are fortunate to be small enough to really care about our customers and large enough to provide a full suite of products, services and programs that our customers require. We provide heating oils and service to residential customers, diesel, gasoline and lubricants to the forest, mining, transport and construction industries as well as other commercial enterprises on the island. We believe that the products and services we supply our customers are an important element of what makes Vancouver Island such a special place to live.

Our aim is to conduct business with our focus on serving our customers exceptionally well, in a safe and responsible manner. Our award winning team has decades of industry knowledge and experience and a passion for serving our customers. As well, we continually strive to exceed Best in Class and Best in Industry safety principles and practices.

Advantages of Oil

Efficient and Cost Effective
Heating oil is an efficient, clean and cost-effective way to heat your home especially with newer high-efficient furnace technologies.

Heating oil is safe. Heating oil is non-explosive and will not easily burn in a liquid state.

Heating oil delivers more heat per unit of energy than any other fuel. In fact, a gallon of oil delivers 140,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units), while gas delivers only 100,000 BTUs.

New, high efficiency furnaces release near zero levels of smoke and combustion discharge.

Heating oil is easy to store and transport.

Community Involvement

Enex Fuels has deep roots on Vancouver Island. It is, and always has been, 100% wholly owned and operated by people who live on and appreciate our island lifestyle. Our local involvement and support is an important part of what we do to enhance our island communities. We are honored to participate.

Work With Enex

Enex Fuels is growing because we have a great team. It is through the concerted efforts of our team that we continue to improve and thrive in a very competitive and dynamic industry. We intend to keep growing in our current business segments and in new geographies and business lines.

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Looking for expert advice for your home heating, fuel or lubricant products and service needs? Contact any member of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team, and we will help.

Emergency Service Calls are answered 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.