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Enex Fuels is the exclusive Mobil Branded Lubricants wholesale distributor on Vancouver Island. We offer a wide range of Mobil branded lubricants, available in packaged or bulk delivery options.

Mobil lubricants are recognized around the world for their performance, innovation, and quality. In fact, Mobil lubricants are recommended by more original equipment manufacturers than any other brand. We back that up with great service and delivery options.

The extensive Mobil product line will likely satisfy any consumer, commercial, or industrial lubricant requirement including:

Includes passenger car and heavy duty engine oils. The Mobil synthetic lubricant range is unsurpassed. High-performance synthetic products operate over a wide temperature range, often eliminating the need for seasonal changes and they can enable significant savings in maintenance and repairs, and ultimately in handling and disposal.

A full range of hydraulic oils, gear oils and greases – the life blood of heavy industry.

Mobilgard and marine gear oils and lubricants for specialized marine applications.

Specialty Lubricants
Includes Aviation lubricants, Process Oils, Metal Working Oils, Solvents and Antifreeze.

Our in-house lubricant experts can help you with your unique lubricant requirements and if that still isn’t enough, we have Imperial Oil Lubricant Technical Specialists and the largest lubricant research centre in Canada backing us up.

View Ultimate Lubrication Warranty.

View Exxon Mobil’s Product Data Sheets.

View Exxon Mobil’s Material Safety Data Sheets.


Looking for expert advice for your home heating, fuel or lubricant products and service needs? Contact any member of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team, and we will help.

Emergency Service Calls are answered 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.